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On a cold wintry morning in 2011
Where the rain pelted down from the heavens
A lone penguin stood alongside the human packs
For a race across icy hills and muddy tracks
Penny was her name, though she may in fact be male
But such was the fellowship that none did wail
And why should there be when all were winners
For the merry band of Antarctic marathoners

In 2011 on the Yin and Yang Square
They came east and west for the marathon fair
There was a brother and a panda named Pete
To scale with Leong the Great Wall or be beat

On a memorable bright day in Berlin when records were broken freely
Makau's world was followed by bests from Kwabena, Kino and Healy
Bernie the Bear and his international entourage running brave and tall
Through the streets of a city once divided east and west by a great wall

Across two nations sharing a common history of English
Monty the Moose trots from Buffalo to Niagara for a marathon finish
A tired soul cheered by thunderous roars of the mighty Falls
With a magical rainbow mist at the end was the perfect call

In Cape Town with Table Mountain as a beautiful background scenic
Leo battles rain and hills as he crosses ocean waves from Indian to Atlantic
5K international fun run on Good Friday alongside the Waterfront's tourist queues
Rain gods blessed to cool the 56K ultra-marathon though it clouds the iconic views

On Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas we viewed a Total Solar Eclipse
Kylie the Kangaroo with Ying family watching the Lunar dip
Breaking Sun signaled the start of a marathon extravaganza
With the treacherous Bump Track an uphill brutal meander

Marathon Beasts complete their long-distance challenges over 7-Continents
With Carol racing beneath the glare of Christ the Redeemer's majestic monument
Alongside the sun-worshipping bodies lying on Rio de Janeiro's famous beaches
The city that will play host to the 2016 Olympics and 2014 World Cup matches

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